The American people are now in danger after a thoughtless, unqualified preemptive strike on Iran's highly respected leader.

With no consulting of Congress, Donald Trump took it up himself to start a war with Iran. Trump has been wanting a war with Iran ever since he got in office by pulling out of the nuclear agreement that Iran was standing by.

This stupid action by a president with no knowledge of how military actions work has put our nation in the crosshairs. It won't be safe for Americans to travel anywhere.

This idiot has too much power in his hands. He should be removed along with his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Trump, who did nothing when his Saudi friends chopped up an American reporter; Trump, who aligns himself with Russia's Putin above his own country, has now taken a giant step toward nuclear war. He needed a distraction from all the mess he is in, and killing the Iranian general in a preemptive strike will put the U.S. in jeopardy.

This man cheated to get out of serving our country and now is sending our troops in harm's way. We need him out of the White House now.

Kay Gervais,


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