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Dear President Trump, United States senators and members of the United States House of Representatives:

You say you all want to work together in bipartisanship for the good of the country. I have a suggestion for you that is one of the most important and best things all of you could do for all of us, and yet you talk about doing it, but never get it done: balance the national budget.

With the national debt now over $20 trillion, if we were paying 5 percent interest on it, that would be over a trillion dollars per year interest.

Sooner or later this debt "House of Cards" is going to totally collapse and we won't have a recession, but a severe depression that no one alive today in has experienced in the United States.

If you are really serious about doing what is good and right, this should be one of your top priorities.

Bob Mattila,

Brush Prairie, Washington

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