Readers, are your eyes open? Be honest!

How can a civilized country actually kick and scream about a legal elections outcome? Sounds like Hitler tactics are at work in the USA.

We will take your guns, the government will take care of you, tax the rich, free free free everything. What would be the outcome? Really? Only the truly ignorant do not see that this scenario has played out 90 years ago.

Yes, Hitler's manifesto is used by the Democratic Party today and people are like lemmings going off the cliff. Really? Nothing is free. Hard-working people who got educated, worked hard, took risks, etc., deserve to be rewarded financially. People who just go with the flow have not worked for a "better life."

America has offered everyone with motivation and sound social upbringing an opportunity to achieve whatever level of lifestyle possible. Success comes from correcting failures. Learning from everything life throws at you and not repeat failures like the Democrats are preaching today.

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If you do not like election results, work hard and show positive results you have done in the past to make America great again. So far the only thing I hear is crybabies mad that their "mommy" was not elected. Thank goodness, as her past was filled with corruption, deceit, greed and only Clinton advancement and power as her driving force. Just ask the dead Benghazi diplomats, soldiers, raped women, questionable (35) deaths, financial skimming from their foundation, stealing from the White House, charging millions to stay in the Lincoln bedroom, selling U.S. uranium to Russia, etc.

The solution is simple, people. Vote with eyes open. Do an honest background check. What I see today is everything that had been promised to the USA in the past and vote on results not false promises.

Ron Albrecht,


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