Soon the minor league Missoula Ospreys will take the field for the season. Last season at one game I attended, several snide remarks were made about some fans who were yelling to the players on the field in Spanish. I expect these excited fans were some of the team members family members.

I would remind those attending the Osprey games this summer to be respectful of the Spanish speaking fans. A look at the rooster indicates 14 of the players are from the countries of Dominican Republic, Venezuela or Mexico. The manger of the team and the pitching coach are both Hispanic. There are at least three others who may be of Hispanic heritage.

One must remember that about 32% of the Major League Baseball players are Hispanic. The United States as a whole has an estimated 45 million Spanish speakers, more than Spain’s 36 million.

Use multiple languages are common in Europe and Asia. And even in the United States there are an estimated 381 languages, other than English, spoken in the home. There are a number of Native American languages spoken at times in our state. Please embrace diversity and let all fans be fans in their language.

Erwin Curry,


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