Last spring, my husband and I excitedly went out to work in the yard. At one point, I rolled our large Republic Services garbage can, lid open toward the next task, and within a few steps, I fell into the garbage can head first!

My arms were trapped under me, my forearm was hurting and I couldn’t get out by myself. After extrication, I went into the house to ice my forearm, leaving my husband to grumble about my tendency to get hurt as well as being left with the work.

As he rolled the garbage can forward, he fell in head first!

After you stop laughing, visualize this: the lid is open and hanging down; you tilt and roll the can, and as you step forward, your foot lands on the lid, which stops the top part of the can’s momentum; however, the bottom keeps rolling, and as the can starts to go down, your momentum topples you forward into the can.

We’ve gotten many good laughs imagining what that might have looked like to anyone who saw it. But with the arrival of yard work weather, heed the warning: don’t roll your garbage can with the lid open; you could get trashed.

Beth Kennedy,


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