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Recently I attended a “meet and greet” with Alex Beal, who is running against Marie Andersen for justice of the peace in Missoula. His unassuming manner and willingness to listen was impressive.

Staff working with Beal say he is fair and unbiased. He is committed to working with other judges so the courts function efficiently, and will collaborate with fellow justices as well as county employees. He proposes making changes in court filing so it can handle the high volume of cases Missoula County sees and allow plenty of opportunity for the public to see a judge with minimal wait.

Beal does pro bono work for organizations such as Bitterroot Baroque and S.A.F.E. in the Bitterroot. He volunteers on the Mayor’s Downtown Advisory Commission, is a member of the Missoula County DUI Task Force and is the vice-chair of the Lolo School District School Board.

Recent issues regarding Justice Andersen’s ability to work with her staff is concerning. Training new employees because of high turnover costs the taxpayers. Her unexpected absences are questionable and cause undue burdens on her staff. Rescheduling hearings and hiring someone as a liaison between Justice Andersen will fall on the taxpayers as well.

Please vote for Alex Beal.

Jane McAllister,


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