I have had several conversations with people on the subject of southern border immigration and have the following thoughts:

There are many difficult, complex, expensive questions regarding this topic. For example, how many and what type of immigrants should be vetted/accepted? What procedures/laws should we have which provide border security? How, and to what extent, should we punish lawbreakers coming from the southern border? How can we ensure economic prosperity for our existing citizens while allowing immigration?

There are, however, at least two issues in this debate which have easy solutions. We should not be allowed to detain people and to separate children from their families, in inhumane conditions, just because an immigration law was broken. We must either make conditions humane, keep families together (or at least stay connected with a "paper trail"), or give up detaining them. Also, the creative tactic of using inhumane living conditions to discourage people from attempting immigration should be stopped immediately, because it is ineffective, immoral and stupid. 

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Stop this inhumanity. Come up with humane, better solutions. A wall is also ineffective and stupid, as well as a waste of money. We, as a country, are better than this. 

Michael O'Lear, 


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