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Our president has made innumerable lies or misleading statements so far in his relatively short term. During campaigning, he repeatedly insisted that Mexico must pay for the wall. Any sane person knew that would never happen.

Now we are asked to pay for a wall which will not do anything but impede wildlife and people seeking refuge. Drugs will still flow into our country by air and sea. We are all for increased security, but the wall is not the answer.

Trump made this promise to his base, while failing to win the popular vote. True to his style, he is shifting blame to the Democrats for everything. We can’t believe his base is not getting disillusioned by his lying, his dismissal of cabinet members and staff who disagree with him, and other crudities such as paying off a porn star.

We have better things to do with our hard-earned money than building an ineffectual wall that will serve only to bolster Trump’s ego and cheer his base.

Nancy Browning,

Bruce Beckwith,


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