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Wouldn’t it be good to thank all the unsuccessful candidates in our recent election instead of beating up on them, as Bob Brown does to Matt Rosendale in Brown’s Nov. 21 Missoulian column.

That Rosendale came close to winning is attributed, by Brown, as stemming from President Trump’s frequent visits.

Maybe Rosendale’s candidacy actually suffered from Trump’s pogo stick appearances, especially the one in Missoula. Trump doesn’t seem especially popular in the University of Montana’s home town.

So, unlike Brown, I feel Matt Rosendale deserves our thanks for putting himself out there, where in our present political climate, a losing candidate is not only abused while running but in an election’s aftermath.

Also, thanks to candidates for higher office like Kathleen Williams and for state office like Superior’s Diane Magone, who ran for the House District 14 seat as a Democrat.

Others can fill in many more names worthy of our thanks.

History benefits those who heed it. It is worth recalling that Winston Churchill was labeled a “loser” during the 1930s as he remained a lone voice warning against the menace of Adolf Hitler.

Ed Chaberek,


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