Jan. 23, 2016, Joe Biden made a threat to the president of Ukraine: You either fire the prosecutor who worked the case against Hunter Biden or the Obama administration will withhold $1 billion. Of course Ukraine capitulated. 

Hunter Biden was named to the board of an oil and gas corporation (in which he had no background experience whatsoever). 

Joe Biden believes he can use his charm, his little crooked smile, the gleam of his teeth, and can say anything in his bragging way and we the people will swallow it all. I witnessed this on national TV when Biden was campaigning in the upper Eastern states just a few months ago. 

Well, the Democrats went crazy and rolled out every lie they could come up with against President Trump. So it was OK for Biden to threaten Ukraine but not OK for Trump to ask for the details? Give me a break!

This whole episode by the whistleblowers and the progressive-liberal news media is to try to hide and outright lie about Trump's calls. You can lie to some of the people some of the time, but the truth will come out. We the people are not uninformed and stupid. 

Phyllis Thompson, 


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