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Dear Sen. Scott Sales:

Eight million dollars to Donald Trump to help pay for a wall — really? This is just a big joke, right? Good one. You had us going there.

Everyone with more than a third-grade education understands that $8 million toward a real-time projected cost of $30 billion for a useless wall is like putting a postage stamp on a battleship.

None of the land owners along the southern border want anything to do with your wall. These are the same folks you are claiming to be saving from the women and kids causing a manufactured crisis at the border.

That money, spent wisely right here in Montana, could do a world of good.

I you need to build a wall, look north. Everybody knows what those sneaky Canadians are up to. They may pour across our border any day now, bringing with them — wait for it — niceness! The horror.

Danny Lee,


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