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The front page of the Missoulian (Sept. 17) had a very good, fact-based article on Initiative 185 that Montana voters will be voting on this fall.

The numerous TV ads and large, glossy mailers against I-185 are grossly misleading. They are paid for by Montanans Against Tax Hikes (MATH), funded by Altria, which includes Philip Morris USA and other tobacco companies. Those for passing I-185 are organizations such as the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, AARP and other health organizations.

Only those who buy cigarette products will pay for this tax increase, which makes total sense to me. Teen vaping has increased to epidemic levels and the products are designed to addict younger people with flavored products. Vote "yes" on I-185.

I-186 is pretty obvious also. Opponents are worried about economic and mining job losses, but tourism and agriculture are Montana’s economic leaders. Supporters are concerned about “bad actors” leaving taxpayers with the cleanup, such as water pollution. Think about Libby and the health issues, lawsuits, deaths associated with asbestos contamination. Think about the Berkeley Pit in Butte full of contaminated water. Vote "yes" on I-186.

Be an informed voter! Go to, where you can get the facts from a nonpartisan, nonprofit source.

Jeanette Copeland,


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