Attorney Lance Jasper’s comments about the brutal assault on a child exemplify the kind of double-speak that is used solely to exculpate guilty clients.

Jasper is quoted in the Missoulian’s Aug. 7 issue as saying that his client, Curt Brockway, is both accountable and that Brockway “certainly didn’t understand it was a crime.”

Jasper then argues that Brockway’s behavior is attributable to damage to his frontal lobe from a crash, and tacit permission by the president. Jasper made similar arguments for Brockway’s sentencing in a 2010 incident, which resulted in 10 years’ probation and later early release for good behavior. This is a specious argument strategy in which a criminal defense lawyer argues that his client is accountable when he is good but not accountable when he is bad.

This kind of exculpation and ratification by the court leads to a lack of confidence in the justice system. I only hope that the judge who erred last time corrects his mistake this time.

Either Brockway is responsible and must be imprisoned to protect the community or he has an irresistible impulse for violence and must be restrained within a mental care treatment plan. Which is it, attorney Jasper?

Kevin Boileau,


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