Open letter to Chuck Beagle (letter, Aug. 27):

I always enjoyed a close association with your family. I worked with your mother at the Missoula Fire Lab and worked as school board chair with your dad at Target Range.

In your letters you never mention the fact that the Maclay Bridge is practically in your back yard! There is a word for that, NIMBY, or “not in my backyard.” Once NIMBY kicks in all bets are off, because one’s judgement becomes subjective rather than objective.

I will say it again: The majority of people in Target Range do not want to see a South Avenue bridge built at great expense; and opening the floodgates to high-speed commuting and other traffic from the Bitterroot Valley into Missoula. There are many vulnerabilities along the two miles of South Avenue from Clements Road to South Reserve Street, including schools, medical facilities, churches, assisted living and the new regional park.

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Reserve Street has practically turned into a linear parking lot with stop-and-go traffic since access has been improved. No thanks to that scenario on South Avenue.

Maintain our rural environment: the Olde School, the Olde Dairy and the Olde Maclay Bridge.

Robert W. Mutch,


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