I got a big kick out of your political cartoon of Sunday (May 5). Golly! A successful businessman as president. Could this be better than a lyin', cheatin', stealin' professional politician?

As for Jerry O'Malley's letter on Monday (May 6), consider that we might have a president who believes that it is evil for government to take money from people who earn it to give it to people who did not earn it. Also, the fact that Donald Trump's opposition was a foul-mouthed communist. Remember, "It takes a village." Hillary Clinton doesn't even trust you to take care of your own children.

Doing the research will reveal that the great state of Maine, deep in debt from a succession of communist/socialist/Democrat governors, elected a successful businessman, Paul LePage, and in one term, he took Maine from the deep red to the black, with the lefties moaning and groaning because of all the wonderful giveaway programs that he had eliminated.

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Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

Frank Novotny,


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