Gov. Steve Bullock really showed how out-of-touch he is with the current climate of college campuses in Montana by vetoing House Bill 735.

The bill was supposed to expand the rights of free speech and assembly by eliminating free speech zones on college campuses in Montana. It had bipartisan support in the Legislature and brought political groups together on an issue that needed to be addressed; but still Governor Bullock vetoed, stating there are plenty of protections with the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

So that must mean that if students feel like their rights are violated, they must get referred to the bureaucratic maze of the federal government, having neither the time nor money to pursue the case? As if it isn’t bad enough that universities have been dominated by one line of thinking (leftist) and conservative students feel like they must be silent out of fear of harassment from fellow students and their own professors or even being ostracized from the student body for their dissenting ideas.

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Why should anyone have to jump through loopholes for the privilege of exercising a right that is guaranteed by the Constitution? I guess we will never know, Governor Bullock.

Jim McLean,


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