Unlimited war: The big bombs are used, much bigger than the two used to end World War II, used to destroy the Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Later, after the joyous victory and relief of the end of the world war, a few years later a fear crept into the minds of U.S. citizens as our off-and-on-again relationship with some countries, acquired their own ultimate bombs that could be used against us. The fear imbued in every grade-school child like myself:

"Get under your desk."

"Do not laugh, cry or giggle."

"A horrible bomb."

Many years have gone by, and still no big bombs have fallen on humans since Japan. Now it only lives in the background of our consciousness, to be replaced by a multitude of limited wars. And these wars still remain a hell of an enterprise on both sides of the current conflicts. A high cost: injured minds and bodies. And death.

And vast amounts of currency that could be used for example U.S. infrastructure. Does anyone ever win these limited wars?

Meanwhile, the umbrella of a nuclear mushroom cloud remains, as a suicidal option for our dear forgiving arid bountiful planet. 

All solutions to all of our environmental issues are retarded, by this: what appears to be a, everlasting human activity.

Can there really be our world, without war?

Well, sure, there can if kindness, compassion, wisdom is allowed to rise to the top. Most people say no, there will always be war. There are millions of people today running from war and cruelty who are begging for the opposite view.

If you are confused about my motives: I have total respect for all warriors in all wars. I am simply writing about a less bloody future.

 Gary Ledeau,


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