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Candidates coached to admit to nothing

Candidates coached to admit to nothing


Sigh. Donald Trump, where are your taxes? No answer. Just lies. Years go by. Trump, where are your taxes? More lies. No answer.

Now some nitwit from faux news asks Vice President Joe Biden his future plan for the U.S. Supreme Court and the Republicans go nuts because he doesn't answer in the manner they desire. Yet Mitch McConnell has spent years putting conservatives on the bench and corruptly making new rules only against President Obama and that's not packing the court? The current person questioned today is a stellar example of the well-coached candidate told to admit nothing, to blink and speak gibberish. What a waste of our tax money once again.

And then we have Matt Rosendale saying he has tea party values. So, Rosendale, you call Trump daily to rail against the $3 trillion deficit, right? You hold his feet to the fire over the millions of tax dollars spent at his golf resorts, right? You fully accept his endorsement, right?

You are the person who allowed junk insurance companies to dupe Montana citizens. We have enough snakes in D.C. already. We don't need you here nor there. Go home to Maryland and raise sheep instead of being one.

Cheryl Sage,


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