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Since 1948, I have looked forward to the live debates between Montana candidates for public office. I look forward to seeing the candidates face off in honest and lively debates as to their individual qualifications for the office they seek.

It was a great disappointment that Matt Rosendale didn't show up for the first debate. You're responsible for being absent, sir!

Now I find our Rosendale will only agree to two debates: one on Sept. 9, and on on Oct. 16. Wow, that is not acceptable, especially since they will only be on TV, and not the ones where you can meet the candidates in person. 

The paper shows that both Rosendale and U.S. Rep. Greg Gianforte do not want to face off in live debates. Why is this? Please explain to voters what you are afraid of. 

Do you really need the president of the United States to come all the way to Montana to back you up?

Robert Noll, 


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