Without art how would we be able to tell our stories that have no words, how would we see the world our grandparents had without them here to tell us — the waves, the wars, the smiles and the tears. Without music the world would be lost in its grinding roar of industry and progress, with no way to listen to the soundtrack that plays in each of our heads as we tick our way through the calendar of days. Music, with an alphabet of seven, speaks Korean, Russian, Spanish, English. It needs no translator, has no tariffs.

In a time where politics has brought separation and frustration to all corners, it’s gravely important that we carve out the space to "celebrarte" and acknowledge this short window we have. Art is that space.

Missoula has a long future of growth as this special community continues to get appreciated.

The ZACC (Zootown Arts Community Center; zootownarts.org) has acquired and is beefing up the Studebaker Building in downtown Missoula for the sole purpose of holding that creative space. This has been possible and will only continue to be with your help. Donate, volunteer, sign up for a class, gift a class and donate again. 

Pauly Donaldson,


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