I don't doubt that there are many conservatives whose life experiences, sensibilities, experiences and yes, beliefs, are held sincerely and in rectitude, and whose hearts have been instructed (but not hardened) by years that they have felt put down by the liberal elite. Or, more militantly, been long waiting to hand over the bill for the excesses of the 1960s. They're not the subject of my moral outrage.

I believe that this society, culture and polity has arrived at the completion of a circle that began when the evil they defend first said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it. 

I believe that the circle has been closing steadily as each person risks their being to stand and speak against untruth and for our country, and, in the most recent case, is accused of espionage for doing so.

Fox News has been killing the truth by a thousand cuts over the years, and is now intent on killing that Fifth Avenue man by assisting amoral Republican outing of the whistleblower in service to this misanthrope.

Save remnants of your soul: Impeach and remove.

Bill Shea,


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