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Congrats to the Missoula City Council for attempting to boldly go where nobody with common sense has gone before.

Before reversing course, they considered charging $325 per hour plus a $150 administrative fee to shovel sidewalks. My attorney, doctor and dentist don't collectively charge that much for their services. Do you realize the myriad of law-abiding citizens who might have been forced into becoming scofflaws because they legitimately could not get this chore done by 9 a.m. on the day following a snowfall?

You have lived down to my very low expectations by attempting to create yet another solution for a problem that doesn't exist to any major degree. Imagine some little old housebound, disabled, Meals on Wheels grandma receiving the first $1,000 bill from the city for a couple of hours or so of shoveling. The national news networks would eat this up!

Next on my rant list (in no particular order) are the $50,000 Slant Street sidewalks, cutting Fifth and Sixth streets down to one lane for larger bikes lanes, and the financially brilliant move to buy our own water system. There seems to be no limit to Hizzhonor and Hiz Court's ability to spend our money.

Greg Hamilton,


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