Is it really going to take a revolution for the United States of America to acknowledge that all deserve a national health care program?

Some facts:

National health care was proposed by President Theodore Roosevelt more than 100 years ago.

National health care was part of President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal in the 1930s.

President Harry Truman proposed national health care coverage in the 1940s.

The United States is the only western nation to deny national health care to its citizens.

The large majority of Americans favor a single-payer national health care program but vested, money-making interests stonewall the majority. (Similar interests also opposed Social Security.)

Recently, a woman who truly needs the benefits of national heal care told me, “If we had that system all our doctors would leave.”

Really? Where the heck would they go? Every other country in the civilized world already has what we continue to deny ourselves: the security of full, nonprofit medical care.

Anyone seeking evidence — not industry propaganda — about the benefits of national health care should view “Now is the Time,” a video explaining the system. The next showing will be in Superior on March 14, 5 p.m. at the Superior Senior Center.

Now — or another 100 years?

Ed Chaberek,