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Missoulian mailbag

Open letter to U.S. Congressman Greg Gianforte:

I received your reply to my communication about lack of government leadership in addressing climate change. You state:

”The climate has been changing for millennia. Over the last few decades the Earth has been getting warmer. While the climate is changing, we still do not know how much of that change is due to human activities. We need to take steps to ensure that we do not cripple Montana, our jobs, and our families with top-down Washington regulations in the name of climate change.”

I appreciate your “straight up” response. However, it reveals a shocking lack of knowledge about climate change. The Fourth National Climate Assessment, published in 2017 and authored by scientists within multiple agencies of our own government, states:

“This assessment concludes, based on extensive evidence, that it is extremely likely that human activities, especially emissions of greenhouse gases, are the dominant cause of the observed warming since the mid-20th century.”

“The last few years have also seen record-breaking, climate-related weather extremes…”

“These trends are expected to continue over climate timescales.”

For you, Congressman Gianforte, to allow yourself to remain ignorant of climate science is willful blindness harmful to Montana, jobs and families.

Gary Matson,


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