Roger Koopman's commentary in the Oct. 2 Missoulian so angered me that I yelled obscenities at every sentence.

Koopman thinks students should not skip one day of school to demonstrate against climate change — a deadly peril threatening all life on this planet.

Actually, their rally participation is far more important than any month of school attendance.

Koopman indulges in Trumpian name-calling, but it is even worse that (like Donald Trump) he blatantly lies: Koopman calls climate destruction "world-class hogwash" that "the best of America's scientists" have somehow disproved. That claim is a jaw-dropping fabrication. Who are these great "scientists," sir? Why could you not name a single one of them?

An overwhelming majority of true experts agree that human-caused warming is making our climate degrade further by the hour. Time magazine devoted its entire Sept. 23 issue to this frightening topic.

Yet a scoffing Koopman claims that he and his fictional "best" scientists somehow know more than anyone, and that students are wasting their time by taking to the streets.

Koopman, maybe kids could stay in their classes were it not immeasurably more important that they protest the appalling, outrageous climate ignorance people such as you have displayed.

John Russell,


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