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Cognitive dissonance behind Trump adoration

Cognitive dissonance behind Trump adoration


Why do we still have a mentally ill, deranged, accused rapist, felonious con man living in an alternate universe, still in the White House, flouting a 240-year-old democratic election process?

This narcissistic poser never did take the coronavirus seriously, at the cost of tens of thousands innocent American lives! Now he is ignoring the deadly pandemic altogether.

Why do millions of people adore and emulate this nefarious rapscallion?

While doing research for another book, I stumbled upon the concept of “cognitive dissonance.” The term, is mentioned in psychology, philosophy and sociology books; “Mental discomfort from conflicting beliefs and attitudes held simultaneously,” explains the confusion aspect but the terms “brainwashing, mind control and fascism,” sound like they came out of the autocrat/strongman/despot playbooks.

In my newest psychology book, is a panoramic picture of tens of thousands of Nazi soldiers listening to the Furhrer, Hitler. The vast sea of German helmets is mind-boggling! It is an appropriate image to place opposite its article on “Conformity and Independence.”

Donald Trump must have read the above playbook because he is still trying to sabotage our American democracy by replacing top Pentagon officials with his fanatical yes-men.

Lynn Leroy Arney,


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