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Colin Kaepernick and Donald Trump both are manipulators of the media.

Trump has been occupied with it from the 1970s, and is very seasoned. His primary motivation is personal wealth. Even his son stated he “only sees green.” He is very skilled at it.

Kaepernick is simply an amateur in the game. His primary motivation was to see an ending of unarmed black men being shot across the country by police. Did he seek fame as well? I’m not sure. But results are that there are less reports of unarmed black men getting shot by police now.

Both of these people made a spectacle for their own purposes. They gained notoriety through unusual behavior. Trump would have never risen, to whatever level you wish to believe he is, without media manipulation, and neither would have Kaepernick. Trump helped Kaepernick, ironically, to obtain his goals by attacking him at political rallies, raising Kaepernick’s profile. Trump focused on Kaepernick to excite his base for the same ultimate goal, at the end of the day, to amass wealth.

Erwin Curry,


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