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Missoulian mailbag

Thank you, George Ochenski, for your outstanding Christmas message this year (Dec. 25).

I’m sure you’ve been able to transcend the critique by Beth Taylor Wilson (guest column, Dec. 3) for promoting “false equivalence” of Montana Democratic and Republican leaders for issues of concern to Montanans.

I happen to agree with her on that but I strongly urge you to take that in stride.

This especially on matters of national, global and even cosmic significance since the national GOP is one of the greatest threats to our planetary survival given their long-term attitudes toward climate change and nuclear weapons.

But what mightily impressed me was your description of Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to unilaterally move the Israeli capital to Jerusalem, fraught with negative implications, amply demonstrated by the results.

On top of that, Nikki Haley, our United Nations ambassador, threatened any country that dared to disagree with us by removing funding for their own needs.

Of course, she quickly had to reject that idea, but George Ochenski skewered her right and proper for that brazen and undiplomatic stance.

We encourage Ochenski to continue his “menschlichen” hard-hitting style in the future.

Mike Chessin,


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