The Affordable Care Act is the law of the land, it is working and it has helped millions of Americans get more affordable, quality coverage that they couldn’t previously access. It has created protections for people with pre-existing conditions and allowed young people to stay on their parents’ plans for longer.

These are all positive outcomes, so why are some politicians in Washington, D.C., trying to turn back the clock on this popular law that is helping people?

The ACA has helped so many people, and instead of weakening the law, Congress should make it a priority to continue improving it and making the healthcare system work even better, by doing things like addressing prescription drug costs and protecting healthcare access for rural communities.

Candidates for president in 2020 have announced big plans for how they want to change our health system, but first and foremost the goal should be to push back on attempts to dismantle the ACA, protect the positive changes we’ve seen, and make the system even better, to give affordable coverage to more Americans who need it.

Josiah Porcel,


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