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Context for Trump 'accomplishments'

Context for Trump 'accomplishments'


Larry Ashcraft's (letter, Sept. 9) Donald Trump accolades in context:

1. Low unemployment? Barack Obama created more jobs, including manufacturing jobs, in his last three years than Trump has in three years.

2. Hundreds of dollars of tax cuts for “most Americans” and millions for the rich.

3. Record high stock market? The jury is still out. The economy is pretty fragile.

4. Defeat of ISIS? Ask the abandoned Kurds who are still fighting ISIS.

5. NAFTA changes? Agree.

6. Wage increases? 26 states raised the minimum wage: wages increased by 3%. 24 states did not: wages were flat. Trump's contribution?

7. Deregulation has endangered clean water/air and accelerates climate change. Deregulation of banks risks the abuses that created the great recession.

8. Obama increased NATO contribution (4%/2016). Trump’s increases are 4% per year.

9. Elimination of the individual mandate increases premiums, resulting in fewer insureds.

10. Obama signed the Veterans Choice Law in 2014. Renewed under Trump.

11. Defusing North Korean nuclear threat? Ask Japan?

12. Controlling our border: Maybe, but family separation, children in cages, etc.

13. Job creation: See 1 above.

COVID leadership? 66% of Americans disagree.

Democrats want a fair, honest government that cares about all Americans.

Charles Rooney,


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