Convince everyone to 'hunker down'

Convince everyone to 'hunker down'

There has never been a greater challenge in my 85 years of life than coronavirus today;

so far beyond the Great Depression, World War II, Ebola, AIDS, nothing compares in any way.

Yet so difficult for most to comprehend it’s so necessary to remain so very socially apart,

we must put that foremost in our minds, even not seeming logical, the best way to start.

I am reaching out to you. I’m asking you reach out to all you know, convince them as well,

ask each in turn to absorb this information fully, then do your best to all you know to tell.

Ask them to think deeply, then pass it on again to each and all they know, until everyone does.

If so, I have no doubt the terrible “curve” will begin to level within seven days; the loudest buzz

will circulate all over our country as suddenly and efficient as natural as a swarm of bees,

allowing each and all of us to suddenly feel elated, be able to relax, again fall into a life of ease.

So, I beg of you all: “hunker down” is not only an expression, but in reality a plan of action

that not only can, but will work for each of us, even "Trumpies" and other evil factions!

Ron Moser,


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