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Compromise, the ability to work out a problem between groups with different points of view. It seems that our political leaders have abandoned any semblance of cooperation to overcome our problems, so that they can appeal to a rigid base. It seems the days of give and take are a thing of the past. 

I can recall when Democrats and Republicans would come to an agreement on an issue, neither side getting everything they asked for, but in the end coming up with a solution. These days it seems the "my way or the highway" answer is the only one in use. To expect to get everything you want is simply childish. I would hope that we all learn this lesson fairly early on, but that does not appear to be the case in our current environment.

It's time to start acting like adults. We can accomplish this if we truly put time and effort into at least an attempt to work across the aisle. We can't afford the current stalemate that has dominated our politics as of late. There are no easy or simplistic answers; only hard work and cooperation can ever hope to move us forward in the future.

John McClellan,


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