We the people have been blessed because the Founding Fathers studied the Bible and the histories of ancient civilizations at their colleges and universities. Many of their families had experienced the horror of tyranny while living in Europe, which encouraged them to have checks and balances.

However, we have been warned by Thomas Jefferson that if we are not diligent the executive branch could become too powerful. John Adams, also, warned that the people might become lazy and vote for state and national congressmen who disregard their wishes.

For example, the people of North Carolina successfully opposed the issue of transgenders using the girls' restrooms and locker room showers. The people had expressed their irrefutable social science statistics at the state legislature and were supported by their senators, representatives and even the governor, until many corporations threatened to cancel North Carolina as a destination for their conferences. The politicians who succumbed to the corporations' lobbyists should not be voted back into office, in my opinion.

I pray that real debates take place throughout our nation on this controversial issue and that journalists report objectively on them.

Jeanette Zentgraf,


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