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The County Treasurer's Office has become a black hole for titles, license plates and other transactions.

Want to make an appointment for your transaction? Good luck; they are currently taking appointments for Nov. 11. You "can" walk in and try to do the paperwork in person, but plan on spending hours waiting.

What is going on? Do they need more people? Hire them! Are they overwhelmed? Try overtime and working weekends. Are they just plain lazy or they don't care about their jobs? I hope not, and I don't think so.

That leaves management. Does the treasurer care about the problems? I know that the county commissioners have expressed their concerns about the office and that the Missoulian has done a story on this problem (Aug. 6), but it seems like Tyler Gernant, the one who holds that office, is not willing to take the leadership necessary to solve the problem.

Hire people to do the job, fire the people who can't, stop looking through blinders and think outside of the box. Solve this problem or get out of the way and let someone who can solve it, solve it. You are the clerk/recorder so lead, fix it or leave.

Dave Wadsworth,


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