Missoula County’s new bitcoin mining policy proves yet again that Missoula is anti-business and will go to great lengths to chase high-paying jobs away.

The owners of Hyperblock are both conscientious and responsible: purchasing hydroelectric power, properly recycling e-waste, addressing community complaints and paying a living wage. Yet, that still isn’t good enough for Missoula County.

In a Herculean effort to keep Hyperblock from expanding, they took a page from the Donald Trump playbook and declared a global warming emergency, which gives them the excuse they need to exercise broad powers to stop the expansion of crypto-mining in Missoula County.

Missoula County claims it has the right to single out Hyperblock over its energy usage and require it to pay for the construction of new renewable energy sources before it can expand. It doesn’t matter that Montana only uses half of the power it currently produces and sells the rest, with no strings attached, to out-of-state customers (see eia.gov for more info).

Nope, the kings of the county have decreed that Hyperblock should be punished. Meanwhile us lowly peasants are forced to scrounge for scraps from the king’s table, or move out of state in search of better-paying jobs.

Timothy Oman,


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