I was recently stunned when I heard that our commissioners voted to raise property taxes 11%! Two years ago we had an increase such as this and then most people thought this was out of line.

If tourists are placing greater demands on our infrastructure, make them pay for it. We residents are tired of being cash cows, especially those of us retired on a fixed income. Frankly, it's just not fair for us to be burdened with this financial hardship when others cause the need and/or problem.

I think it is also unfair to be taxed more when my home value goes up because of all the people moving here in this "hot" real estate market. If I sell my home I make zero profit anyway because I have to buy another house which is overpriced to begin with.

I think it's time for a little "civil disobedience" and not pay this additional 11%.

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It's time the county learn to stay within its budget the way we all have to. If we keep letting them do this without being fiscally responsible, it will never end and taxes will skyrocket.

Chris Nelson,


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