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From the beginning, or around 20 years ago, until now, Colstrip and Northwestern Energy could have saved themselves from this fiasco of Senate Bill 278 that will let NWE get away with murder.

Had NWE and Colstrip had the good fortune to look to the future and invest in wind and solar power, they would not be in this fiasco that we are now in. They could have kept all of their employees and hired more to build up for the future instead of falling back to the fossil age.

Once again, we the people of the state of Montana are about to be taken for another ride by NWE. We can’t let this happen again, as we did not create the mess. What happened several years ago with Montana Power resulted in the same ending: the customer pays for the mistake made by those who don’t want to pay for the fiasco.

Call your state senator and tell them to vote no on Senate Bill 278. We have a future and it’s not fossil fuel. Also, let them know if they vote for the bill you will be happy to have your NWE bill mailed to them directly; it’s that important.

Michael E. East,


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