Missoulian mailbag

My income is a very low Social Security check each month. Currently, I qualify for a program that pays Medicare Part B from Medicaid funds.

The drastic federal cuts to the safety net will make me pay those bills. Some of the bills are also paid by Connecticut. However, the budget here was cut to a great extent as well.

Many others around the U.S. will unfortunately have to deal with the same issue. The Department of Social Services is sending letters to recipients to tell people how to deal with this. Aside from going to free clinics, I do not know what else to do. The prescribed to treat conditions are extremely expensive. I will learn if those must be paid by me as well.

This will make vulnerable people, those with low income, elderly, children and the disabled sicker and some may die. This must be stopped.

Leslie Weinberg,

Stamford, Connecticut

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