In response to an email I received from the office of U.S. Sen. Steve Daines, where he says: "I voted NO on the budget deal that significantly increases the federal debt ceiling and government spending.”

You also voted "yes" to the massive tax giveaway to the 1% and corporations, including yourself. Your actions have saddled the middle class with paying for your vote.

Senator, your doublespeak has got to stop. You cannot tout a "no" vote on a budget deal in which your other "yes" vote compounded the amount the deficit grew 10 times over.

It seems your underlying message is to get the federal budget under control. You intend to do this by gutting Social Security, Medicare in the guise of savings, yet give away billions to a class who does not need it.

We are fast becoming a totalitarian state; more so than a socialist country.

Stop your hyperbole, stop your lockstep love affair with Donald Trump. Montanans can see through the smokescreen you are creating.

It is time you actually did some work for working Montanans. Talk to some, stop the phony "tele" town halls. Right now this state is far better without you, senator.

John Paoli,


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