In response to U.S. Sens. Steve Daines and Mike Braun’s guest column in the Missoulian (Jan. 8), I need to respond to multiple falsehoods presented.

Nancy Pelosi did not get cold feet for sending the articles of impeachment. She is awaiting the “rules of the trial in the Senate” being brewed up by Mitch McConnell. She and all Americans would just like a level field in which to conduct a trial.

Senator Daines, it is to be a trial, not a summary judgement by Republicans as a method to sweep it under the rug. President Trump and the Republican Party cried foul every step of the way in the House inquiry, constantly whining that they needed to bring their own witnesses and documents. Now, given the opportunity to present their case in the Senate, it is the Republicans who are rushing to dismiss the inquiry.

Daines evidently has no faith nor respect for the career diplomats and government officials who presented the facts of the impeachment, all without the subpoenaed witnesses and documents which President Trump ordered not to testify nor be turned over. Daines likes to claim that there was nothing in the reconstructed Zelensky phone call (which still incriminated them). What the American people need to see is the actual transcript of the call, which was immediately sequestered to a secure server and unavailable.

In the Republicans rush to dismiss this trial, it shows their fear of the facts. The Democrats are not afraid of their case; in fact, they want to bring John Bolton, Mick Mulvaney, Mike Pompeo and the trove of documents still to be produced. The Republicans are afraid of what may happen under oath and the possibility of perjury. The truth does hurt and sheltering it from the light of day helps their case.

Senator, the political hack job is being perpetrated by you and your fellow Republicans. The American people are tired of your histrionics and the Republicans' lack of work effort, as there are over 400 bills sitting on Mitch McConnell’s desk which are yet to be considered. Please do not conflate who is to blame in this endeavor. The miscarriage of justice you perpetrate is all on the Republicans.

John Paoli,


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