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U.S. Sen. Steve Daines wrote (with a Republican legislator doctor) an opinion condemning Democrat senators for an "abortion at nine months" bill. If the bill is what he says, then I agree that the bill is not good.

The tone you seem to use was one of scorn and condemnation. I propose you have no right to take that tone against the Democratic politicians because of your hypocritical actions and inactions.

You have either voted against or been silent on the following pro-life issues:

  • Big Sandy relief;
  • Removing kids from parents along the southern border, permanently;
  • Creating overwhelming national debt by tax cuts for mostly the rich;
  • Destroying a nuclear arms treaty with Iran with no alternative put in place;
  • Enabling a President who has no respect for "rule of law", solidarity with allies, or norms other than winning; and
  • Trying (probably successfully) to destroy Obamacare with no alternative insurance for all (especially the poor, weak, and young) worth legislating for.

The Republican doctor doesn't have much more "right" to be "outraged by this anti-life bill." Over the last few Republican-controlled state legislatures, public school funding, health care funding, voting rights and infrastructure funding have taken major hits, because of the Republican legislating.

Michael o 'Lear,


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