Hi, I’m Dakota Hileman, and I support Daniel Carlino for Montana Public Service Commission.

I first met Daniel Carlino at a climate action event he was putting on, and I was truly inspired by the passion he showed at the event, it was incredibly inspirational!

I’ve known Carlino for a while now, and he still never ceases to impress me. He is the most hardworking and passionate person I know, and he truly wants to do his part in saving our planet.

I know that if he is elected to the PSC, he will bring positive change to Montana’s energy sector by advocating for more affordable energy for Montana’s families, and also advocating for Montana’s transition into more environmentally friendly energy as well.

As climate change quickly encroaches on us all, I think it’s important for the Montana Public Service Commission to have a strong voice for transitioning to clean energy, and therefore also keeping our environment cleaner. Having a strong voice for eco-friendliness on our PSC is vital, because the majority of the commission supports oil and gas over alternatives that are much healthier on our state’s ecosystem’s.

Dakota Hileman,


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