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Every day President Trump outsmarts Nancy Pelosi ("Stretch") and the rest of the liberal loonies out there. Please tell me what is wrong with a wall.

Pelosi and her buddy Chuck Schumer, along with President Barack Obama, have voted for a wall many times in the past. So what changed? The only change is that it is one of President Trump’s (I love saying that) promises to us in 2016.

I bet you have a door on your house and you probably lock it too, and I bet that Stretch has a door and probably a fence/wall around her estate. Why? It is common sense — that’s why.

If you are still a Democrat just because “I have always been a Democrat,” rethink your position. The Democratic Party has left you. Do you really support socialism? Free everything? Free health care, free education, free buses. Remember, there are no free lunches and you are the guy paying for all of the “free” stuff.

The Democrats no longer say “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country." They say “Come on in — it’s all free.”

Charles Brekjern, 


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