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You have probably been seeing letters supporting an alternative to the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribest water compact. Be aware that there is no “alternative compact” or “People's Compact.”

A compact is by definition an agreement by two or more parties. The compact currently before Congress is a long-fought agreement between the CSKT, the State of Montana and the federal government. Any “compact” they come up with would have to be approved by these same three entities and even they know that will never happen.

If you visit their website you will find no document that can, in any way, be called a compact or a lawful agreement, and there will never be a legal document. You may also note that they choose to not put any names to their so-called compact. The closest you will find to a supporter is someone called “Concerned Citizen,”

Make no mistake, these are the same people who have opposed the agreed-to compact from the beginning and who have repeatedly lost in court. Don’t be duped by this bigoted rhetoric. Let your legislators know that you fully support the hard-fought and equitable agreement currently awaiting congressional approval.

LaVerne Sultz,


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