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Wow, apparently our country is crawling with Russians trying to undermine our country and our elections. They have already been found hacking into elections. Yet this "president" is attempting to stop the investigation before he gets nailed.

Treason used to be a death sentence. Unfortunately, a large majority of Americans don't realize the dire consequences of being taken over by the corrupt Russian mob. In Russia, if reporters say anything against the Putin regime, they suddenly die of poisoning, fall out of a window or are locked up and die of a strange illness.

It is so important that we protect the investigation of the Russian collusion. If this Congress allows Donald Trump to stop the investigation, we will become the pawns of Russia. No freedom of speech, no one of color. We will lose all the freedoms our forefathers worked so hard to protect.

Trump took freedoms away from our former CIA and allowed Russians in the White House and gave them access to our classified information. We have a woman spy who infiltrated the NRA, along with others from Russia.

My great-great-grandfather fought for this country and signed the Declaration of Independence. Don't let Russian enemies take our independence away.

Kate Gervais,


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