Fellow Missoulians:

Missoula City Council has been asked to rezone 57 acres off Mullan and Flynn and to amend our costly growth policy, allowing business and high-density residential development. Our density levels would rise from 3-11 up to 43 dwelling units per acre. Despite locals' concerns about traffic, safety and schools, city planners claim our neighborhood could take in one-third of Missoula’s estimated growth.

Because official protests forced a supermajority vote, developers created a “Development Agreement” with the city. So while locals have been fighting the rezone, the city has been negotiating with developers instead of telling them no. The housing densities are still ridiculous, the street plans tenuous and funding absent, but they’re pushing things through.

Why should everyone care? Because City Council has stated this development will set a guiding precedent. So if you think this doesn’t matter to you, or don’t care that its happening to us, just wait.

The City Council is setting a precedent: developers above locals, density over quality of life. If you care, please, contact the City Council via the city website. Tell them not to rezone. Let them know that our people and neighborhoods matter.

Laurie Fliger,


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