Socialism! The GOP wants you to worry about socialism, which few on either side find appealing.

What is appealing is democratic socialism (DS), a system employed by many of the happiest people on earth, a system aimed at meeting the needs of society.

The happiness survey for 2019 shows Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and the Netherlands at the top of the list, with Switzerland, Sweden, New Zealand, Canada, Austria, followed by Australia, Ireland, Germany, Belgium.

The U.S. trudges along in 19th place, down a spot from 2017, after several years of the current administration, perhaps due to the Donald Trump tax law that favors the very rich at the expense of the middle class (and charitable giving).

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DS provides health care for all, higher education without student debt, child care and other benefits, such as six weeks of paid vacation. No wonder these folks are happy. Taxes may be higher in DS countries, but not as much as we pay for health care and higher education.

Don’t worry about democratic socialism. In the words of Bobby McFerrin, “Don’t worry, be happy.”

Brian Sharkey,


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