During the Democratic primary of 2016, a friend, his mantra being, "We gotta get someone in there who'll shake things up," announced, after Hillary Clinton was chosen, that he and the missus were now Trumpers. Showed me a selfie of them next to a heroic (oxymoron?) size cardboard stand-up of Cromagaman.

After a period of escalating disagreements, he opined that I was "on the wrong side of history." He was probably right, but with the loathsome Republicans who represent, currently, the state of my birth, I choose to remember what I understood from the teaching of Pere Chardin, that human reason and thought can and will continue to create the next evolutionary layer.

These two, and by association, almost all Republicans (historically too many Democrats) continue to fritter away the national treasure, while tomorrow comes the climate catastrophe.

American exceptionalism. Imperialism. Predatory capitalism. Adventurism. Hegemonism. Paternalism. Sexism. Racism. Christianism. Wasterism. Despoilerism. Litterism. SUVism. ImeMineism. Not there.

A public education teacher once told me this about a quaint era: "U.S. expansionism both preceded and exceeded the logic of the Cold War, and needs to be understood in a longer, more continuous historical duree."

If all this dreck continues, we're gonna need a bigger moat.

Bill Shea,


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