Obviously, no one from the Missoula Metropolitan Planning Organization has ever driven Fifth or Sixth street during high traffic hours. It is rare that the northeast lane of Sixth street is not backed up from Arthur to between Ronald and Hilda while drivers commute home from work. Similarly, Fifth Street is backed up during school and lunch hours for blocks.

With this change, university students will have no lane to turn south into campus. Likewise, those turning north on Fifth and Higgins will have significant more wait time to make their turns. Drivers will turn to Fourth street to avoid this.

Students rush from school to make it to East Broadway eateries. I can see them now racing through the less regulated side streets such as Eddy and Connell to find a quick outlet beyond the traffic backup. This will affect traffic during university sporting events and other large campus venues. Impatient drivers will be flooding into the side streets as a means of avoiding the backups on Fifth and Sixth. Homeowners off Fifth and Sixth will not be happy.

Perhaps those making decisions should drive these streets during peak hours before they implement this poorly thought out change.

Brett Gordon,


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