In response to Kevin Hammond’s letter to the editor (Feb. 28) regarding the source of drugs coming into this country: Do you actually listen to yourself?

So you’re telling me that drug traffickers from Mexico prefer to ship their drugs across highly controlled and patrolled ports of entry? Sure they do, just like criminals would prefer to rob the bank across the street from the police station. How ridiculous.

Your reasoning for this silly statement is that 80-90 percent of the drugs captured are from ports of entry. Well, no kidding; of course that number is true because they don’t catch the traffickers out in the desert where there is no control. If 10 tons of drugs are being found at the port of entry, then 100 times that amount are coming in freely where there aren’t controls.

Your Dem leadership voted for a wall just a few years ago and now all of a sudden it’s immoral. You'd see the hypocrisy if you pull your head out of the sand. 

Chris Jones,


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